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What is the Adobe Technology Partner Program?

The Technology Partner Program (TPP) is designed for companies who sell Adobe products or extend Adobe technology, or otherwise provide services or solutions that directly influence the sale of Adobe products or technologies as part of their business model. The Technology Partner Program focuses on DESKTOP DEVELOPERS, not Enterprise developers.

What is Creative Cloud for Teams membership?

Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) is one of the four tiers of the Creative Cloud subscription service which contains all the standard features of Creative Cloud plus extended features intended for small businesses, such as a license manager, extra online storage per license (100 GB instead of just 20 GB), and advanced product help and support. This can be purchased as either a single-app or a complete subscription.

Where can I find out more about Creative Cloud for Teams?

Please visit the Creative Cloud for Teams FAQ to learn more. 

How many seats of Creative Cloud for Teams do I get with TPP membership?

IThe number of seats you get depends on the level of your membership:

  Bronze: 3 seats

  Silver: 5 seats

  Gold: 10 seats

How can I manage my Creative Cloud for Teams account?

Please visit the Creative Cloud for Teams membership management FAQ to learn more.

Why do my TPP and CCT accounts have different start and expiration dates?

When your TPP is approved for the first time, you are sent the VIP invite to join CCT as a complimentary benefit. If there is a delay in accepting the invitation, the start dates begin to differ. Moreover, TPP expires in 12 months, whereas CCT expires in 13 months, so that you have a one-month window to renew your TPP membership without any interruption in CC apps and services.

Why does my CCT account show old expiration date even after renewal?

The new expiration date shows up only after the old expiration date has passed.

Will my Creative Cloud for Teams membership renew if I have an active TPP membership?

Yes, as long as you have an active TPP account, your CCT account will automatically renew 20-30 days before the actual expiration date. However, if this deadline is missed by any chance, you may contact us for renewal.

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