Adobe Exchange Producer Documentation

Q. What are the key benefits of the new Adobe Exchange Producer Portal?
A. There are several key new features we have added to the new Exchange Producer Portal based on feedback from producers:

  • All producers are set up as ‘Unlimited’ rather than the‘Basic’ level. There are no restrictions on the number of listings, listing types or file size.
  • More money – Producers take 90% of each product sale, this applies to any paid perpetual or subscription product. The $5.00 minimum price point has been removed.
  • More promotion and content – Double the number of previews (10), video support, documents like readme files, samples, etc.
  • High resolution image support (e.g. Retina Displays), requires 512 × 512px icon images and 2560 × 1440px featured and preview image sizes.
  • Special messaging and documentation for Adobe Sales staff - Provide messaging to help Adobe Sales and Support staff promote your product, provide worldwide contact details and more
  • Show your product’s language support – the default is English but if your product supports other languages this will now be shown in the listing.
  • Create or edit listings on a device, not just a computer – need to do a quick change to your listing on your phone or tablet, now you can!
  • Override CC app compatibility (previously Adobe Admins only) – Noticed an error in the CC app compatibility listing, maybe you just found out that your product supports that great new CC version, now you can easily update the listing without having to upload your product again
  • Preview listings before submitting – In the past you couldn’t see exactly how your listing would look or properly review it until it was published and many producers needed to make changes after publishing, now you can see a preview of the listing before submission.
  • Coming soon: Reply to user reviews, CC connected mobile and web app listings and much more!

Q. What are the differences between the current marketplace (Adobe Add-ons/Exchange) and the new Adobe Exchange?
A. The new Adobe Exchange will bring a number of improvements compared with Adobe Add-ons, including:

  • All clouds – Previously there were different marketplaces for Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. With the new Adobe Exchange, there will be one site, making it easier for users and partners to create and view listings across Adobe’s growing product portfolio.
  • More promotion – Up to 10 slots to provide videos or larger previews. Featured images are now the same size and aspect ratio as the preview images (1280 × 720px). Icons will look sharper and more detailed with a new size of 512 × 512px. SEO – the site is search engine optimized, so it can be found by Search Engines like Google and Microsoft Bing, generating more traffic and usage than before.
  • Install Another Way – If the main CreativeSync installation method fails, Adobe Exchange will present an alternative Download option, letting you download the zxp and use a third party zxp install utility for the installation.
  • Sales messaging to Adobe staff – provide key sales information and contact details, only visible to Adobe Staff (including Adobe Sales Executives) to help them sell and be aware of your solutions.
  • Reviews are editable by users. Maybe you solved a problem or hey had a change of heart, now they can update the rating and the comment.
  • Social – 1 click social media sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • More to come – We have many more features coming, including plans for replying to reviews, CC connected mobile and web app listings and much more!


So what’s missing?

Not much! We will not have the private sharing capability available at launch, which is designed for privately sharing extensions or beta testing to a small number of users, but we do have a new way to deploy extensions using the CC Packager within the Adobe Admin Console. We will not support multi file zxp packaging at launch. We will not support the creation of trial products at launch, which are used in conjunction with paid products, but will support trial versions for products that were already published on the Adobe Add-ons website. These missing features are due to be available on the new Exchange by Summer 2018.

Q. When will the current Producer Portal transition to the new portal and what should I do?
A. The current Producer Portal will begin redirecting users to the new Producer Portal starting February 15th. Any current listings you have on the existing portal will be automatically migrated over to the new Exchange Producer Portal. All you need to do is sign in with the Adobe ID used to create the original listings. You should update listings to take advantage of the new features on Adobe Exchange, such as support for up to 10 preview images, video, attached document and messaging to Adobe staff. The new Exchange marketplace will launch to users on March 5th starting at 5am PST.


Q. Will I be able to update my listings or create new ones to appear on the current Adobe Add-ons website during the transition period before the new Exchange marketplace launches to customers?
A. No, please make any changes you want to appear on the Add-ons website before the new Exchange Producer Portal replaces it on February 15th. You won’t be able to make any changes to the Add-on website during the transition. Please note that during the transition period, download metrics will not be available, but payments will continue to function for any paid products via FastSpring, and usage metrics captured during the transition period will be updated in the new Producer Portal starting March 5th.

Q. My product is currently featured on Adobe Add-ons, will it be featured on the new Exchange?
A. In order for a product to be featured it must meet or exceed the new image size requirements of 1280 × 720 pixels (JPEG or PNG format). Please update your featured image in the new Exchange Portal with the new image size requirement in order for your product to be considered for featured status.

Q. I already have listings published on Adobe Add-ons, what will happen if I do not update them in the new Exchange Producer Portal?
A. Assuming your product supports Creative Cloud (CC), released in 2013 or later, it will be published in the new Exchange starting March 5th. However, it will not be featured and will not be able to take advantage of the larger previews, up to ten, video support, documentation support or messaging to Adobe staff. It will not be featured as the images are too small to meet the new requirements. We urge you to please update your listing on the new Exchange as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and present your product in the best way possible.

Q. What is the minimum version the new Adobe Exchange will support?
A. Creative Cloud (CC), released in 2013 or later. Creative Suite 6 (CS6) or earlier is not supported.

Q. Will I be able to update my CS6-only app listing to add CC compatibility? 
A. Yes. We will migrate all products created on the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal to the new Adobe Exchange Partner Portal. If you have a CC version of your CS6 product you can submit a patch and larger previews, etc. Following review by the Adobe Exchange team, the updated product will be released on the new Exchange following testing and approval.

Q. I have a product that is compatible with both Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud versions. Can it be listed on the new Adobe Exchange?
A. Yes. The new Exchange will show that it is compatible with Creative Cloud (CC). You can also note in the Description that it is compatible with Creative Suite in the description section if you wish.

Q. How do I list my updated or CC compatible app? 
A. Partners who port their CS6 apps to support CC should create new listings to ensure inclusion in the Adobe Exchange launch. Higher quality content within your listing will yield better results and discoverability. Application listings with the highest quality content will be featured prominently.

Q. When is the new Exchange available? 
A. There are two dates to be aware of. February 15th is the date that the current Producer Portal will start redirecting to the new Exchange Producer Portal. We encourage you to submit new listings or updates before the launch of the Adobe Exchange marketplace to customers on March 5th at 5am PST, but anything submitted after this date will of course be accepted. We encourage you to get ready to support the new image preview capabilities by downloading the Photoshop template.

Q. Why is there a transition period between the two Producer Portals? 
A. We have given a little over two weeks for producers to update or create their listings as we realize that this will require some changes on your behalf, including new image sizes and more promotional opportunities, and because some producers have a lot of listings to update. We want to have as many of the existing listings updated to the new format, by the launch on March 5th, where possible.

Q. What is the revenue share for paid products?
A. For any paid product you offer for sale you will take 90% of the sales revenue. You will need to register with our payment provide FastSpring. After you have registered you will receive a special FastSpring key, a small text reference you need to add to your profile page so we can ensure all sales are applied to your account.

Q. Can I just provide a trial version of my paid product?
A. If you have a paid counterpart of your product it must be submitted before providing a trial. Please note that new trial versions are not supported by the new Exchange at launch but are due by Summer 2018. You will make 90% of every sale and can use the trial version, once supported by Exchange, as a way for users to try before they buy. Once trials are supported you will also be able to provide details on the trial limitations, for example, feature or time restricted.

Q. My extension is a free component of a larger paid system, how much will it cost to list on Exchange?
A. If the Creative Cloud extension is essentially a free component of a larger system that you charge, the listing is free of charge. For example, you have a publishing or review service which you charge customers for, but to provide a more integrated experience you provide a free extension for Creative Cloud. If the extension is free there is no cost to list it on Exchange. If you charge for the Creative Cloud extension, you will need to list it as a paid product and you will take 90% of the sales revenue from your Exchange product listing.

Q. Can I privately share apps via Adobe Exchange?
A. No, this capability will not be available at launch but can be expected by Summer 2018. There are two main use cases for private sharing:

  1. Multi user deployment of your own extensions – We are updating the online CC Packager that will enable Administrators for Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprise to package apps and now extensions or just extensions from the Adobe Admin Console. Please note that since all zxp files from Adobe Exchange are encrypted partners will need to provide an unencrypted version of their app to the IT Deployment admin in order to enable deployment. Any zxp files from Exchange will expect a user entitlement and this is not currently supported in this method of deployment. This method of deployment is therefore not linked to, nor part of Adobe Exchange but will be useful to Adobe CC for Teams and Enterprise customers looking to package and deploy apps and/or extensions to their named users. This functionality is due for release shortly.

  2. Beta testing – The capability to offer an early version of an extension to a group of users is due for release on the new Adobe Exchange in the first quarter of 2018. Existing privately shared extensions will still be supported, but you will be unable to change the access rights after these privately shared extensions are migrated to the new Exchange in October. This functionality will return next year. If you wish to privately beta test extensions with a group of users we recommend using CC Storage and sharing the zxp file with named users. These users can install the zxp file with a third party zxp installer utility such as Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.

Q. I have an existing privately shared product on Exchange
A. This will continue to work for users that have accepted their email invitation to the shared product, however no changes to users can be made, specifically you will not be able to add or remove users in the group to which you shared the product until the private sharing feature is fully enabled. We encourage those producers with privately shared products to review their sharing groups and make any changes before February 15th. Under exceptional circumstances, for those producers with an important need to change the users with an existing private sharing listing after February 15th, please contact us and we will look to make requested changes to users within a sharing group, until the feature is enabled on Adobe Exchange this Summer.

Q. Are there any alternative solutions while private sharing on Exchange is not available?
A. Yes. If you are a Creative Cloud for teams or Creative Cloud for enterprise customer looking to share and deploy extensions you can use the extension packaging functionality available in the Adobe Admin Console. For more information on this functionality please view the help documentation here. Another alternative is to share an extension or files using Creative Cloud Assets or some other file sharing method. To install a zxp file outside of Exchange use a third party zxp install utility such as Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.

Q. I created my product with the multiple file online Exchange Packager what should I do?
A. At launch the new Exchange Producer Portal will not support multiple file zxp packaging. If you are a developer you can use the Packaging and Signing Toolkit to package and sign content manually. If you are not comfortable with packaging the files in a programmatic way we suggest you package your files into a zip file and then submit the zip file as a patch for your existing product. In your listing under ‘Where to find it’, inform the user that they will find the zip in their Downloads folder and will need to double click that file to uncompress it. Provide the steps for what the user should do once they have unzipped the zip file. If you get stuck, contact us.

Q. I’m stuck! Can you help me?
A. It’s all going to be OK. Email us and we’ll help you.